It all starts with a seed 

Learn to grow your garden starts from seed 

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hope + anticipation begin sprouting long before the seeds are planted.

- Tess Hoke -

Jump Starts - a seed starting class to grow your skills  

If you're ready to get your hands in the dirt and your head in the details - Jump Starts is the place for you 

Join YardFood's Tess Hoke in the sunny greenhouse in Twisp and learn the fundamentals of successful seed starting

So you can grow your food, save money and love the process

Discover the #1 rule of seed starting that will make or break your efforts.

Learn to avoid the most common beginner mistake

Plant your seeds while you ask questions, share ideas & build your skills

Leave with a full flat of planted seeds + knowledge to grow them  

How much does the class cost?Cost for the 2 hour class is $29 Includes planting pots & soil  

Where & When? Jump Starts will be held in YardFood's sunny greenhouse 

Saturday Feb. 23 10a.m. - noon

What do I need to bring? You can bring your favorite garden seeds from home or purchase from YardFood's 2019 seed racks

 Class held Saturday Feb 23 10am - noon

About Tess

Inspiring gardeners - young & old - has been a top priority for Tess in the Methow Valley for over 15 years.

Through her garden shop YardFood. online blog and radio & speaking interviews, she has helped hundreds of students - just like you - nurture and grow their real food skills.

With a belief that food is as powerful as medicine, her experience and unique perspective will inpire & help you reach your garden goals. 

Reviews from Our Community 

I planted potatoes for the first time and didn't know what to do about harvest. My daughter got right down in the dirt and showed me all she'd learned from you over the years. She harvested, cleaned and stored them beautifully! She refers to your lessons with joy and a sense of knowledge that allows her to accomplish some pretty cool things!  

-Deb Jones-Schüler

Her years of experience and passion for growing healthy food makes her a fountain of down home hands on useful practical information for bringing success to the garden.  

- Jean Olson

 I highly recommend Tess, her shop, and her Grow Your Food classes. We’re lucky to have her in our community!

- Jacque Smith

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